Netgear R6250 & PIA VPN service

Maybe you’re like me, and you use a the Private Internet Access VPN service. Below I have compiled data on for different encryption settings. This assumes you already have a VPN client up and running; if you don’t, try this guide.

Type Regular Faster Fastest
Port 1194 1196 1195
Data Cipher Blowfish CBC AES-128 CBC None
Authentication SHA-1 SHA-1 None
Speed ~15 Mbps ~20 Mbps ~50 Mbps

Note: I used the Kong DD-WRT firmware (available here) and OC’ed to 1ghz.

If you still can’t get this all to work, you can cut your losses and use PPTP or L2TP via the WAN settings in DD-WRT. I get ~15 Mbps with PPTP, and ~65 Mbps with L2TP. More importantly, PPTP/L2TP have a keep alive option; which solves the issue of OpenVPN turning off occasionally—or not working at all.

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